Are you worried about your paint job and the finish of your hard earned or luxury vehicle? Well, you should be. And one of the best ways to protect it is to buy car covers. Covers will be able to protect it from hazards that might just come up naturally and it can also protect it from the carelessness of people passing buy. If you are not convinced that a car cover may be beneficial for your car, after reading this article you might have double thoughts. This article will show you the different hazards that could potentially make its way to harming your car especially if you do not have a car cover. Weather. It does not really matter what part of the world you are living in because car covers can be customized to meet your need. They are made of different fabrics and materials so that it can serve those who live in a rainy area. There are water resistant materials. And you might also live in an area where acid rain is a serious issue. There are fabrics that have been made that can block out the bad properties of acid rain.

For those who live in a bright sunny area you may think about getting a fabric in which the ultraviolet rays could bounce off of. There are also covers that are meant for winter. It is advisable though to make sure that you have a flannel cloth right underneath your cover so that it could absorb any condensation that might seep its way through. This will protect your car. In addition to this, you might live in an area where you experience all the seasons and lo and behold, there are covers that also fit this need. Dust - This is a problem since it can find its way on and in your car. Snug car covers will be able to keep the dust from getting inside, which could harm your paint job. Ultraviolet Rays - Have you seen cars whose paint jobs looked like it had been baked and turned crusty? That is what could happen when the car gets too much sun. Thus, there are fabrics, which repel the sun and offer protection from the harmful UV rays.

Bird droppings - These droppings are not only irritating but it can be frustrating because it is acidic and can ruin your finish and paint. It does not matter whether you park your car under branches or out in the supermarket parking lot. Birds somehow are able to aim and drop their wastes successfully on your car. Sap from trees - If you park your car underneath the shade you should be watchful of the sap that could fall on your car as it could also ruin your vehicle's paint. It is a little bit difficult to get rid of but it can be done with a little bit of scraping and alcohol. But you should not have to go through the hassle if you have a car cover to catch it.
For car owners looking for something more in ensuring that their prized vehicles are protected round the clock, there is a variety of accessories to consider besides auto covers. Leading stockists provide these covers with some accessories for ease of use and convenience. The ones described below are among the leading products in the market.

Many car owners eventually realize that no matter how well fitting the outer cover is, it is still likely to be blown off when there are strong gusts of wind. This will not only expose your car to the same elements you are aiming to protecting it from but can also damage the cover as well, greatly reducing its lifespan. This is why you need to buy a gust guard as well. Gust guards come as an optional set of accessories when buying a car cover. The guards are usually made as a set of four clips and two adjustable cords that ensure that your car cover is held in place irrespective of the winds gusting against it. The clips hold on to the cover hem in front of the front wheels and behind the back wheels. The cords have easily adjustable tension locks that allows you to tighten the grip to withstand any pressure from the wind.

Another accessory that will ensure the longevity of your adjustable auto cover is a car cover storage bag.You will readily concede that a heavy duty auto cover is a bulky and ungainly piece of material to lug around. A storage bag will ensure that it becomes more handy and it fits snugly in a corner of you trunk, giving you more room to store and carry other essentials. When shop for a car cover storage bag, there are some essential considerations to keep in mind. Look for a bag that is made from a durable material with proper permanent stitching on the edges to ensure longevity. Just as well, take care when choosing the storage bag to ensure it is made from material that is waterproof and strong to ensure the cover remains safe and free from wear no matter how long it stays in disuse.

You cannot afford to gamble with the exterior of your car as it represents some costly investment. If you have to leave your car parked for a length of time such as at an airport, choose from the best of car covers and accessories for peace of mind.You may even have noticed that the internals of the car aren't so good once exposed to the heat. Also, the paint work and finish will have faded, making the car look much more old and worn than it really is. You are probably sick and tired of constantly cleaning off the thick layers of dust that settle all over. Of constantly having to clean and polish, re-paint and re-wax the car, all at a large expense. That is why Covercraft have brought out the perfect cover, that will put a stop to all your problems. They have done extensive research and come up with the Sunbrella car cover, one that is naturally resistant to uv. Sunbrella is made out of acrylic fibres which, by nature, will resist the ultra violet rays. Then, the material is woven in a way that will block out any potential harm caused by ultra violet. The biggest advantage of Sunbrella being naturally resistant is that the protection Sunbrella provides will not wear away with time. When a cover is treated to reach the desired protection, after a while, the protection starts to wear thin. However, if the protection is a natural by-product, then it makes the cover much more durable.

Sunbrella is also waterproof, but at a much lower degree. This is to ensure that the you and your car are protected even when there's the occasional shower here and there. This is a smaller feature to make sure that car owners are not left stranded. However the main focus for Sunbrella is for sunny, and hot climate-relevant conditions. Therefore, Sunbrella will also resist the growth of mildew, rot and mould. In most environments, the acrylic fibres in the cover, will prevent these growths.

There are five colours that Sunbrella comes in; Pacific Blue, Sky Blue, Cadet Grey, Jet Black or Toast. You can choose from any one of these, all of which will make your car look classy even whilst covered. You can be rest assured that these colour will also not fade in the sun, since Covercraft dye the acrylic fibres that make up the Sunbrella material, before the material is woven. This is so that the colour in fully embedded in the material, and not just on the surface. The Sunbrella cover will fold up compactly, making it easier for you to transport it around with you. It can fit nicely in the corner of your trunk, without taking up too much space, ready for when you need to use it next. It is an undisputed fact that the outdoors is not the optimum place to keep a car. The rain, sleet, snow, sun, wind, bird's droppings and the rest all harm a car in more ways than people can imagine. The damage is often long-lasting and can only be corrected with extensive, expensive, cleaning or body-work. Therefore a safe investment would be to get the Noah cover as it will keep the car in perfect condition, always clean and presentable, and will not cost as much as if the damage had incurred.

Together with Kimberly-Clark, Covercraft have produced the fabric for Noah of bi-component fibres and by closely sheathing various materials together. The outer layer is composed of polypropylene, and is soft, but will resist the weather and UV rays. The middle layer of the three uses micro-porous film. This is breathable, hence allows air and moisture out, but not in. The third, inner layer combines polypropylene and nylon to create a sturdy core. These three-layers combines together to create a single cover, is like putting together the best of everything. The cover is now sturdy and strong enough to absorb knocks and bangs, and thereby prevent the car from being scratched and dented. It also will be able to resist rips and tears making the cover more durable. At the same time though, the cover is soft enough to be kind and careful with the paint-work. Practical as it is, the Noah cover can be hand-washed when it needs cleaning; there is no need to take it to commercial cleaners.

Noah is compact and portable, as it can be folded up very neatly. This makes it easier to transport, and can be taken around everywhere with the driver to ensure that he and his car are always protected. Noah will resist the growth of rot and mildew, so the cover can even be folded up whilst still damp, and there is no need to wait until it is fully dry - an enormous time-saver! Covercraft make the Noah cover custom sized to fit a wide selection of cars, makes and models. Custom covers as made to fit the contours of the car to the T and will even include mirror and aerial pocket where applicable. The look achieved with a custom cover, cannot be achieved with any other sort. It is a more classy, presentable look and makes a marvelous impression even whilst covered. As the cover fits so perfectly, the protection is at it's best and no undesirables can work their way in unnoticed. To make it easier for car cover owners to put on and take off, Covercraft makes their covers with elastic and the front and rear. This gives a stretch but ensures that the car is sealed whilst covered. Most businessmen find that anything less than a custom cover will not do. They need to retain their status amongst the higher class members of society and a banged up, old car will not help them. They need their car to be top-notch-clean at all times. They can't afford to have satins on the exterior, dust you could write in, and large water-marks.

To sit and clean it every morning is not really an option. Which businessman honestly has a spare hour in the morning to clean and polish his car.Even half an hour. This is aside from the expense of all the cleaning materials needed. Not everyone has the space for a garage either. So instead, most businessmen have found that a cheaper, more convenient, and more effective way to go about things, is to get a car cover. Not any car cover will do, though. They need one that will ensure their car still looks classy, even whilst covered, and this can only be done with a custom. A custom cover will fit the car like a glove, as it has been specifically created for it. It will snug and provide the highest degree of protection. Nothing will be able to worm it way in, and therefore the car will be completely shielded from everything. Custom owners get to personalise their covers with a logo on the bonnet too, giving the car that extra special look. Having a cover will be the biggest blessing for any person. They do not have to worry every time the weather changes about what effect it will have on the car. They will be completely covered and protected from it all.

Rainfall will not bother the car as the cover is waterproof. Therefore watermarks, rust and other bits of damage that come along with rain, sleet and snow, will no longer affect the car. The paint work will not disintegrate due to the high levels of acid found in the rain, and the brake will not freeze over hence rendering them ineffective enough. All together, the car will be healthier and safer. The paint work and finish will not fade from the sun's ultra-violet rays. It will be able to remain fresh and shiny throughout the summer. The interior will be prevented from getting overheated and stuffy, and therefore easier to drive. Even the internal specs of the car will remain intact; usually these get ruined in the heat. Occasionally the exterior will get these small little scratches and dents that are noticeable though small. These come from things found in the street that get swept up in wind storms. They end up knocking them as they fly past cars. The scratches can also come from various objects dangling from people's pockets. As people brush past the car in a hurry, they don't even notice the mark they leave on the cars. A cover will be able to act as the buffer between all this, and absorb the shock, and the knocks, leaving the car dent/scratch free.